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Second Tender of Round 3 Publicada en 1 Febrero, 2018

Author:Mr Juan Carlos Serra and Jorge Eduardo Escobedo Montaño
Profession:Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C.

Second Tender of Round 3

On January 24, 2018, the National Hydrocarbons Commission ("CNH") released the bidding guidelines for tender number CNH-R03-L02/2017 for the awarding of exploration and extraction of hydrocarbon license contracts in onshore contractual areas (the "Tender").

The Tender is composed of 37 contractual areas located in three different sectors: (i) Burgos, (ii) Tampico-Misantla-Veracruz, and (iii) Cuencas del Sureste.



Pursuant to CNH information, Round 3.2 includes:

37 conventional onshore areas with an approximately surface of 9 thousand 513 square kilometers. Prospective resources of approximately 260 million of barrels of crude equivalent oil. Estimated investments of 89 million dollars per block, which will benefit the States of Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Tabasco. Resources: (i) wet gas, (ii) dry gas, (iii) light oil. Guidelines and Calendar:

Access to the information included in the data room and payment of informationFebruary 09, 2018 to May 09, 2018Access to data roomFebruary 09, 2018 to July 24, 2018Visit to contractual areasMay 14, 2018 to July 20, 2018Registration payment and request for prequalification appointmentMay 16, 2018 to May 18, 2018Filing of...

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