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Regulation Of The Workers Food Assistance Law Is Published

Author:Mr Javier Lizardi, Rodolfo Trampe, Fernando de Buen and Alix Trimmer
Profession:Von Wobeser & Sierra, S.C.

On June 4th of this year, the Regulation of the Workers Food Assistance Law was published in the Official Federal Gazette. This Regulation contains guidelines that employers that establish food assistance programs for their workers must follow. The most important rules include the following:

Employers that establish food assistance programs must have written contracts with: (i) cafeteria's service providers; (ii) restaurants or food establishments; (iii) the issuers of vouchers, or (iv) the food providers. The employers must have the physical or electronic support evidencing that the workers received food assistance. Such support should contain at least the following: name of the worker, RFC, CURP, mode of food assistance, quantifiable amount in money and date or period of application of the assistance. If the assistance is provided through cafeteria service, restaurants or food establishments, the characteristics of a proper diet must be met and labor health and safety measures and conditions must be observed. The employer is authorized to discount from the worker the food vouchers from the days he/she did not work of the immediately prior period. If food vouchers are delivered, they must have a duration of a least 60 calendar days from...

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