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PPPs And Road Infrastructure

Author:Ms Rita Martinez
Profession:Rodríguez Dávalos Abogados

Mexico's energy sector has experimented many important changes affecting the future operations within the country in many key aspects of infrastructure development. It is a time to think about the interesting momentum that Mexico is going through. The country has undertaken a comprehensive and ambitious legal reform that aims to transform almost all the different key sectors of development. It is clear that Mexican government is oriented to promote investment and achieve the goals that for many years were postponed. This presidential administration is determined to place the country in a position that reflects its true potential and that fosters economic growth. As we all know, roads play a crucial role in the infrastructure of a country. They are a key factor in any country's economy since it is an asset that creates value.

The opportunities are enormous and so are the challenges. The multi-year National Infrastructure Program (PNI) outlines the major projects that the government will cover in projects related to different areas such as telecommunications, transportation, energy, water, health, urban and rural development, and tourism. The investment needs are huge but it is worth asking how to boost infrastructure productivity. To merely comply with the PNI without having a long term vision may be a mistake.

The government understands its role as facilitator and regulator. Mexico has 400 000 kilometres of roads. Less than half of those kilometres are all-weather roads. We face a huge challenge but as I mention before, we also face a time of huge opportunities. On one hand, the need to construct, on the other hand to maintain or upgrade what is already constructed to make the most out of it. Whether constructing, maintaining or upgrading road infrastructure it is compelling to develop bearing in mind well-designed objectives and an integrative vision. During the present administration, there is a commitment to achieve or complete an overall of almost 80 projects. Many of them are currently being developed. So far, 17 high-speed highway projects have been concluded, and approximately 45 projects involving roads or highways have undergone a modernisation process or widening process. The commitment is oriented to meet new needs and address major backlogs. Globally governments face public budgetary shortages and Mexico is not the exemption; however, the road infrastructure capacity may be dramatically increased.

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