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Pharma & Medical Device Regulation 2020



Healthcare bodies 1 Describe the bodies and their responsibilities (public and private sector) concerned with the delivery of healthcare and appropriate products for treatment.

The Mexican healthcare system comprises public (social security institutions) and private sectors.

The private sector comprises private institutions, insurers and independent professionals, the users of which are not restricted. Individuals and private insurers fund this sector. Private health insurance generally covers professional, executive and higher levels of the private sector. Enrolment in private health insurance has increased considerably over the years. According to official figures, up to 50 per cent of annual health spending in Mexico comes from out-of-pocket payments related to private doctors, insurance and drug acquisitions.

The public sector comprises:

- social security institutions exclusively directed to formal workers, in which the funding comes from contributions by the federal government, the employer and the employee, such as:

the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS); the Institute of Social Security for State Workers (ISSSTE); specialised public institutions for members of the military and navy; and PEMEX medical services, for Mexican petroleum workers; and - public institutions exclusively directed to people not covered by social security, in which the funding comes from the federal government, states and patients, such as:

public health insurance; and state health institutions. In the public sector, social security and public institutions provide medicines. However, if the medicine is...

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