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Expected Labour Law Changes In Mexico

Author:Mrs Joanne Martin
Profession:iGlobal Law

Minimum wage

Minimum wage increase:   The daily minimum wage for general workers has increased from 73.04 Mexican pesos to 80.04.

The National Minimum Wage Committee may make a further increase during 2017 to hit the target minimum wage of 89.35 Mexican Pesos.

Action required:

(1) Ensure payroll practices are adjusted if relevant.

(2) Keep monitoring the situation to keep track of any additional increases.

Labour justice system

Proposals to create new dispute forums:   A Bill was issued on April 28, 2016 proposing the following amendments to the labour justice system:

to abolish Conciliation and Arbitration Boards; to implement a new system of Collegiate Federal and State Labour Courts; and to introduce a new Federal Agency for Labour Conciliation, Union and Collective Bargaining Agreement Registration, as well as Local Conciliation Agencies. The Bill has been approved by the Senate and the House of Representatives. Final approval must come from the State Legislatures, and is expected early in 2017.

Action required: None at the moment, but keep track of how the legal situation develops.

Federal labour laws

Enhancement of trade union rights:   Amendments to Federal law have been proposed to improve workers' ability collectively to bargain via a trade union of their choice. The amendments are pending approval.

The proposals include a prohibition on employers from entering into collective bargaining agreements with employer friendly / inactive unions.

The amendments are expected to take effect in 2017.

Action required: None at the moment, but keep track of how the legal situation develops.

Health and safety

New law regulating mental health...

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