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Constitutional Reform On Refuge And Political Asylum Matters


The Ministry of Interior, through publication on the Daily Gazette, on August, 15 this year, issued an Executive Order referring to the reform of the second paragraph of Article 11 of Mexico's Federal Constitution, regarding refuge and political asylum matters.

Under such reform and in accordance with international treaties and conventions to which Mexico is party, it is intended the recognition of the right of every individual to seek and receive political asylum in Mexico, without prejudging of the cause that has arisen it, unlike the text previous to the reform, which limited said causes to persecution reasons derived from political issues.

Likewise, it is established that the recognition of the refugee status and the granting of political asylum in the country, will be ruled in accordance with the international treaties signed by the Mexican State, moreover, the law will regulate the admissibility and exceptions.

By way of background, previous to this reform, back in 201, within the Daily Gazette was published an Executive Order regarding the Refugees, Complementary Protection and Political Asylum Act, whose spirit is to provide protection and the recognition of the Refugee and Political Asylee status in our country; in addition, the Article 13 of the Immigration...

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