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Constitutional Amendment In Labor Matters

Author:Mr Javier Canseco, Ana María Becerra, Roberto Álvarez-Malo, Rogelio Sánchez, Isaac Corral, Alma Oviedo and Eduardo Cortés Cansino
Profession:EC Legal Rubio Villegas

Recently, amendments to the Constitution were passed in relation to labor matters, the following being the most relevant:

Whenever a Union initiates a strike procedure to obtain the signature of a Collective Bargaining Agreement, it must show that it represents the workers. The disappearance of the Labor Conciliation and Arbitration Boards and the creation of Labor Courts within the Judiciary. Before resorting to the Labor Courts, both management and labor must attend an obligatory conciliation process. The recording of Collective Bargaining Agreements and of Trade Union Organizations, shall be entrusted to a Federal, decentralized, organism. The vote to resolve labor disputes between Trade Unions, shall be free and secret. Legislatures have a period of one year, from the...

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