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Concanaco Affirms Casinos, Attraction For Tourists

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Mexico, D.F., August 4 (NOTI-MEX) - Next week the entrepreneur sector will present the federal Executive a regulation recommendation for the installation of casinos in Mexico's tourist centres. This operation would double the inflow of tourists to the country.

Roberto Zapata Gil, Tourism Vice-president of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco-Servytur), affirmed that the operation of casinos would increase the annual inflow of tourists to almost 22 million. In an interview he said that the recommendation has been concluded and is based in the formation of a gambling commission.

This commission would be formed by highly prestigious Mexicans and representatives of the federal government to regulate the installation and functioning of casinos in Mexico, preventing politicizing of this operation.

Zapata Gil told Notimex that according to meetings with the government sector, it is very probable that after this recommendation is done the installation of the casinos in Mexico will be approved by federal Executive decree and thereby preventing long discussions in the Union's Congress. He stated: "Even though it is good that the Union's Congress participates in the discussion, the truth is that not even at this moment its...

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